Hampton Estate Naturally Reared Newsletter November 2015


We must be enjoying life enormously as time is flying and the last of the Hampton Beef Collection Days for 2015 is almost upon us. FRIDAY 27th NOVEMBER is the big day and we are taking orders for scrumptious flavoursome prime Hampton beef to replenish your fridge and your freezer.

Our butcher Steve (of Mike Humphries fame)  has again deemed our two beasts hanging in his cold store as “the best he has seen”, praise indeed from Surrey’s premier butcher.

We have already taken orders for all the rib joints and all the fillet but we have our fabulous 10kg family bags available with that special mix of steak, joints, stewing steak and mince. We can also handle any bespoke order at the moment be it a topside or silverside joint for 10 or five kilos of prime minced beef. If your freezer has any spare space then now is a really good time to stock up for Christmas supplies so that ingredients for a quick lasagne or spag boll are always to hand. Somewhere in the house will be the tin of tomatoes, pepper, salt and an onion and hey presto all made.

Alternatively a slow roasted succulent piece of prime brisket is a fantastic winter standby and is dead easy to cook overnight with just pepper and salt on the top. A winner hot or cold.

The best Hampton wild venison should be available and again is full of flavour and is fun to cook. Do book early to avoid disappointment as deer are hard to stalk at this time of year therefore supplies will be limited, but Hampton haunch is worth its weight in gold, will feed half an army and impress everyone.

Hampton Herbies and Hampton Beef Bangers are in good supply and keep everyone going, so don’t forget to add a couple of packets to your order and you will have the best breakfast combo ever with eggs, tomato and a couple of rashers of bacon.

Unfortunately we will not have any pies for sale. We sold everything last month and so pies are off the menu. We will have to last until 2016 for the next Hampton Special Beef pie, but as we know, they are worth waiting for.

On 27th November Paul Young of Imbibros fame will be hosting a wine tasting with us, and will be taking orders from his excellent stocks of wines from all parts of the world. I love his Spanish reds, and incidentally he is also the provider of high quality jambons (hams) and other delicious Spanish delicacies which I am sure we can order on the day.

Our other guest supplier will be Charlie Gardner of The Cold Pressed Oil Company Ltd who wowed us with his local and flavoursome oils earlier in the year and is back by popular demand. His truffle oil has gone down a storm here at Hampton and I am sure he will be tempting us with tasters and Christmas gift ideas.

On Friday 20th November we will be hosting the annual Christmas Fair at Myrtles Courtyard which promises to be another huge success. Lots of ideas for presents, lots of different stalls, Hampton beef for lunch and all in aid of Parish Funds so do come along from 10.00am onwards. It’s probably time to purchase the first present of the season.

We are in the middle of a major timber programme on the estate, most noticeably felling pine trees in the area known as Culverswell. Suddenly new views and vistas have emerged just south of Littleworth Crossroads which is very exciting. The trees have been growing for over 70 years and this is the final fell, following thinning over the years. We will be raking and burning all the brash ( sticks, small branches) together with the dead rhododendron wood this winter, and will be replanting next winter. We also leave a number of specimen trees on site to maintain the interest in the landscape and hopefully provide natural seed. Its long term stuff and involves large scale machinery brought in specifically for the job, but all critical for positive estate management.

The November winds are fast blowing away the wonderful colours we saw on the estate and elsewhere in Surrey last month but I hope that the photos at the top remind you of our exceptional autumn. The cows are thriving and still enjoy munching the grass which is growing in the mild weather to date. We weaned the calves from their mothers last week and as always both parties objected fairly vociferously but have now accepted their new status quo and quietened down.

Bridget and I really look forward to seeing everyone on FRIDAY 27th. We will have cake, biscuits, fresh coffee, sausage tasters, wine tasting, oil tasting, braziers burning and of course your prime Hampton beef to pick up. Flick through the recipe books, zip Kate or I your order and come over and see us.

Very best wishes

Bill and Bridget

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