Hampton Estate Naturally Reared Newsletter March 2020

The first calves of 2020 have arrived and two healthy looking animals with bright eyes and wet noses are nestling up to their mothers and enjoying their first milk. They are both heifer (female) calves and will spend the summer with their mothers eating the pasture in the park, surrounded by their cousins whom should number 40 when we have finished calving, hopefully by mid May. Looking over the fence at them will be Sir Patrick the bull, their proud father and these are his first Hampton calves.

So, with beef supplies assured for the future we can concentrate on the other end of the production cycle, and are delighted to confirm that our first 2020 Seasonal Beef Collection Weekend will be on FRIDAY 27th and SATURDAY morning 28th MARCH. Just two weeks away. The usual beef day will happen on the 27th and we hope that a Saturday morning collection on the 28th will appeal to families and others who can’t make Fridays. Coffee, tea, cakes and biscuits will be ready in just the same way.

Our new butcher Simon, ‘The Surrey Hills Butcher’ cut and packaged last week’s meat beautifully and also gave us some new joints and steaks. The eagle eyed will have spied spider steak and flatiron steak, both so tasty and full of flavour though not from the usual part of the animal associated with steak (rump and back). Similarly, we sold all the corner cuts of the topside joints, the premium bit of topside, and are waiting for feedback. Simon’s Hampton Herbies and Beef Bangers went down a storm, and the Hampton Special Steak Pies flew off the shelves.

We now have excellent supplies of beef, venison, offal, sausages, pies and our 100% beef burgers all ready for your order. With Easter just around the corner it’s a great time to stock up on a joint or two for the family, some sausages which are perfect both hot with chips or cold with mustard, and prime Hampton mince for a lasagne or bolognaise. For the brave who are thinking of firing up the barbeque for an Easter celebration we will have beefburgers, but why not barbeque some Hampton wild venison? Stunningly delicious.

Please send over your order as soon as possible to Helen on the usual email helenjackson@hamptonestate.co.uk to ensure that your Easter Naturally Reared Produce is secured.

The Hampton forestry department (Carlton and Rob) has been busy planting 20,000 new trees, restocking two sites which we clear-felled over the past three years. We have planted Scots Pine and Douglas Fir, and do look out for them as you drive towards Elstead on the Seale Road, or if you are walking in Britty Wood. Carlton is now back making and delivering logs for our fire wood customers and Rob is clearing up trees uprooted by the two Saturday storms.

We will be open from 10.30am on Friday 27th March as usual, and open on Saturday 28th March at 9.30am until 12.00 noon. Fresh coffee, biscuits and cake will be ready on both days, the garden will be open for viewing on both days and the daffodils are definitely out. Please send over your order as soon as you can to Helen to avoid any disappointment and we are always ready for your recipe queries.

P.s. 27th and 28th March are the last collection days before Easter. The next Beef Day will be Friday 24th April.

Very best wishes

Bill and Bridget

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