Hampton Estate Naturally Reared Newsletter March 2019

The first Hampton calf of 2019 was born two days ago, a healthy heifer (female) with beady eyes and a shiny coat and mum and daughter are doing well. So starts our calving season, pretty much on time, and by the look of some of our heavily pregnant mums we will soon have quite a number of calves skipping around. Congratulations are due to our excellent bull Regent, who sadly leaves us for pastures new, as we welcome his successor, Sir Patrick who is wonderfully named as he comes from the Stargazer blood line. I’m expecting a monocle and a waistcoat when he arrives from his current home on the Isle of Sheppey. Note, we have one magnificent bull for sale if anyone needs him!

Turning to the other end of the breeding spectrum our next beef day will be on Friday 5th April and we are already taking orders. This will be our Easter Beef Day (Easter Day is Sunday 21st April) and do think about family descending (mince and stewing needed for casseroles and spag bol) or special visitors needing a rolled sirloin joint, or perhaps an opportunity to fire up the barbeque and sizzle some steaks, Hampton 100% beef burgers and Hampton Herby sausages. All of the above, plus more is ready for your order. We have 10kg Family Bags and 4kg Convenience Bags (steaks, joints, stewing, braising and mince) available, lots of Hampton Herbies and Hampton Beef Bangers, and of course will make up any bespoke order you need. A kilo of mince by itself is completely fine, or how about a silverside joint and some shin? The options are endless but we are well aware that Hampton customers are resourceful, knowledgeable and creative and will be using our beef for the most wonderful home-made meals. I’m still a big fan of short ribs and brisket, eminently slow cookable (with a tad of smoke)  on the Big Green Egg or in the oven and invariably delicious with very little input from me.

Don’t forget that Hampton Prime Minced Beef Pies are also on the menu for Friday 5th April and will be baked as an individual pie or family size. Please order as soon as possible as these homecooked mouth-watering delicacies always sell out and we hate to see any look of disappointment at the beef day.

Hampton wild venison is also available to order. As the days get longer the chances of culling the roe deer who seem so elusive increases dramatically. Haunches, fillet, diced and minced venison are being put in the freezer as I write and always cook so well with minimum intervention from the chef.

We are always heartened to hear that Hampton beef tastes excellent, indeed many say the best, and we attribute this to the cows’ lifestyle. No rushing, pasture fed, high animal welfare and good nutrition are important principles for the beef herd and these in turn give meat which is full of flavour. As the grass starts to grow, we are assessing all the fields to see how we can improve the grasses by adding different varieties which will compliment and enhance the current swards. This will all help our accreditation as Pasture Fed Livestock Association members which we are preparing for this year and which exactly mirrors our herd management and beef breeding ethos. The strap line is Pasture for Life, with which we completely agree although the Hampton take is Pasture to Plate.

Please put Friday 5th April into your diary, please send Helen your order for all Hampton Naturally Reared Produce helenjackson@hamptonestate.co.uk and we will be open from 10.30am for freshly brewed coffee, birthday cake, Anzac biscuits and good beef chat.

Very best wishes

Bill and Bridget

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