Hampton Estate Naturally Reared Newsletter June 2018

This evening we opened the double gates in the middle of the park and the herd nipped through smartly. The herd being one pedigree bull, thirty four pedigree cows, thirty three calves and five home grown replacement heifers who have joined the herd for the first time. The grass is up to their collective middles and they are loving the rich sward of meadow grasses which we have been storing up for this moment.  It’s a bucolic scene of waving grassland, low boughed ancient oak trees, the glimpse of the first of this year’s fawns with an ever observant mum, and a buzzard watching the goings on from his lofty perch. This must be bovine heaven.

Welcome to Hampton summer and our June newsletter which gives notice of our next beef day on FRIDAY 22nd JUNE. Not long to go until that day and already we are taking orders for Hampton Naturally Reared grass fed, long hung, absolutely delicious beef. Hampton bags including the ever popular Barbeque bags with steaks, 100% beef burgers and Hampton Beef Bangers inside are ready to be ordered as are our 10kg family bags and 4 kg convenience bags. These hold joints, steaks, mince, stewing and braising steak and are becoming a sought after Surrey sensation, so do order as soon as you can.

Our bespoke ordering service is very much open for business; just order whatever amounts of cuts, joints, mince, stewing, braising, skirt and even diced that you want and we will pop it into a bag. For instance a kilo of mince, two roasting joints and a kilo of rump steak could do the trick.

Our other very popular meat is Hampton wild venison which is bought by increasing numbers of customers who are coming back time and again for more. Our venison is all wild roe, all culled on the estate by our extremely skilled marksman Paul, and butchered by our own extremely skilled Will.

Hampton Herby sausages and Hampton Beef Bangers are being made to order as I type and we should have good supplies, but just to make sure do add them to your order. Having kept our prices static for some time the June beef day will see a slight rise in prices in line with our beef production costs and the beef market.

May at Hampton was scout month. We welcomed the Woodland Woggle which saw 800 runners stream through the park and round the woods raising money for Farnham scouts, and we also hosted Camp Frantic which is a major camp for the Guildford, Farnham and Cranleigh districts where 1200 scouts of all ages camped for the weekend and enjoyed a myriad of activities and games. We saw lots of beef customers at The Ride in the Park which was a beautifully warm Sunday and witnessed lots of young cyclists and scooterists hone their skills on the Hampton drives before enjoying a wonderful tea put on at Myrtle’s Courtyard by the WI. At the end of the month we had a terrific day at The Surrey County Show where the Hampton Estate Farms sponsored the Beef Championship, which we felt was apt, and would give another farm the limelight!

We all look forward to seeing you on FRIDAY 22nd JUNE from 10.30am for fresh coffee, cakes (recipe at this moment unknown), biscuits and sausage tasters plus some good chat. The Green Egg could well be puffing and the lavender on the bank in the courtyard will be ready for approval. Come and have a look around the garden as the border should be full of colour and before any of the above do send in your order to Helen who is ready and waiting.

With best wishes

Bill and Bridget

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