Hampton Estate Naturally Reared Newsletter July 2018

Last month’s newsletter waxed reasonably lyrically about a bucolic landscape, grass waving in the breeze and the start of an English summer. This month we are looking at high savannah instead of traditional parkland, the grass is hot and dry and no one would be surprised if there was the sighting of an elephant or giraffe grazing in the park.

Come and see for yourself at our next Beef Day on FRIDAY 27th JULY when we will be open from 10.30am onwards and the coffee will be fresh and the cakes just baked. The beef too will be all ready for you and already Hampton prime steaks and 100% beef burgers are flying out of the door for the barbeque aficionados. They will have added a couple of packs of Hampton Herbies or Beef Bangers and this month we also have a good stock of high quality locally made Surrey charcoal for sale.

We have our traditional 10 kg Beef Bags made up and ready, or our 4kg Bags with a variety of steak, joints, mince, stewing steak and herbs ready to be ordered. Or try a Hampton Barbeque Bag which holds steaks, 100% beef burgers and sausages and is all pretty convenient.

Alternatively simply order whatever you want be it mince, steak, joints, stewing steak, even offal in the form of delicious liver, oxtail, kidney etc. No amount is too small and we have lots of customers who drop in to pick up half a kilo of prime Hampton mince. You don’t have to buy a cow, half a cow or even quarter of a cow. This is quality not necessarily quantity.

But we would all recommend buying some Hampton wild venison, culled on the Estate and simply mouth-watering. A haunch cooked on the barbeque at a good heat with herbs and a little oil will be sensational. Likewise venison steaks are so easy to cook and will be appreciated by everyone lucky enough to get a taste. Go on, order today.

Hay making has never been easier and all the hay bales are now stored in the Dutch barns under cover. We broke all records for baling, starting some days at 8.00am after a hot night with no dew, and finished baling at 10.30pm after a hot afternoon and still no dew. Compare this to our usual baling timetable when we start at 11.00am after the dew dissipates and finish at 6.00pm, if lucky, as it starts to fall again. There was no time pressure to get the bales quickly inside as no rain was forecast and we could finish baling before we started carting, a very rare treat. We will feed the hay in the winter to the young stock, grass fed beef at its best.

The cows look remarkably well as they forage for grass and browse the hedges, and they are also enjoying some Lucerne (alfalfa) left over from last year to keep their protein levels up. With a bit of shade, a swishing tail and plenty of water a cow’s lot is a happy one despite the heat.

Do come over and see us on FRIDAY 27th JULY for beef, sausages, venison, beef burgers, bones for the dog, coffee, elderflower and of course Bridget’s cake. Do put your order in now by phone (01438 810465) or return of email and Will, Helen, Bridget and I really look forward to seeing you for a summer catch up.

Best wishes

Bill and Bridget

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