Filming Locations

The Hampton Estate has been used for film and TV productions over the years.

The estate’s close proximity to film studios and central London coupled to its private ownership and lack of footpaths and other rights of way make it a strong contender for many rural locations.

Poirot (The Hollow) and Midsomer Murders (Days of Misrule, A Rare Bird) were made using the house and grounds. Films include Robin Hood (Ridley Scott, Russell Crowe), Jack the Giant Killer (Ewan Mcgregor, Bill Nighy), A Field in England and more recently AA Milne.

Locations for these productions have included the estate’s historic parkland, a wide variety of woodland and forestry, estate cottages and buildings  and the lakes and glades all of which sit within the private ring-fenced area.

Following timber operations last summer there is an excellent new site comprising a beautiful cleared woodland valley. Its undulating topography, grassy paths and tracks and impressive pine trees interspersed with hero oaks create an evocative atmosphere in this very private yet eminently accessible area.

Elsewhere the estate has a variety of traditional cottages and farmbuildings within the park and the historic parkland itself includes many mature oak trees, and is bordered to the north by a series of lakes. Much of the land is used for summer grazing by the estate’s herd of pedigree Sussex beef cattle.

The park can be accessed from a discreet but dedicated filming entrance immediately off the public road. There is a good network of estate drives and an absence of telegraph and electric poles and cables. The soil is predominantly sandy and very free draining.

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