Hampton Estate Naturally Reared Produce Newsletter June 2017


As you will know our June beef day has been postponed but we thought a quick update from us all at Hampton to give you a countryside fix without actually visiting might be useful.

Also to point out that we are taking orders for our next beef day on Friday 21st July, do put the date in your diary and we look forward to seeing everyone.

The cows and calves are luxuriating in early summer grass and are a great sight stretched out in the park. We have just fly sprayed them to give protection from those annoying pests which persist around their heads and udder defying the deft flick of a tail.

We have nine cows still to calve in the next month which will take our total to 37 calves this year. This gives us a good supply of male beef animals for future beef days and a great choice of replacement heifers for our herd in two years’ time. We will also sell young stock to other Sussex cattle breeders during the summer which certainly helps cash flow and lightens our numbers for the winter.

Locally we are delighted to be back at The Seale and Sands Show on Saturday 1st July selling Hampton 100% beefburgers and Hampton Herby sausages. Our rolls come from the local Good Taste bakery in Tongham, salad from our garden and add a dash of mayo and mustard and lunch is fixed. We will be cooking from 1pm and the cheffing team can’t wait to see you.

But before then there is the small matter of haymaking which will see us out in the grass fields on the southern slopes of the Hogs Back mowing and turning our meadow grass. The big round bales will give us high quality winter feed for the cattle but we need a good spell of dry weather that will last for more than 48 hours in order to begin. There is a constant eye on the skies.

Meanwhile our Fuggles hops are growing well and our new hop gardens in Puttenham are finally complete. We have erected 9 acres of new hop garden which takes our total to 24 acres, and all the new chestnut poles have been cut from estate chestnut coppice. It is very rare for a farm to be able to do this so most new gardens use imported timber, but luckily our foresters came up trumps with excellent straight home grown poles which should last for twenty years plus.

Inside the wirework the hop plants are flourishing and growing as we hoped, and we are now planning for harvest at the end of August when the new picking and drying facility will come into play. It is a year like none other in the hops as we are changing every aspect of production which has been pretty much the same since the 1960s.

We will report further on this in due course!

But don’t forget that our green hop garlands will be available for sale during the hop harvest and collectable from the new hop oast, a 365 day dried flower arrangement, and we are also hoping to sell small amounts of dried and packaged hops to local home brewers. More news on this to follow.

Our Riding Permit Scheme which allows horse riders access to private estate paths and links with local bridleways and Puttenham Common is becoming increasingly popular. Its aim is to help riders avoid the local lanes wherever possible and allow riding in a safe environment. Do call the estate office for more information as places are available.

Look out for the new biographical film of AA Milne where a Hampton cottage was used for Christopher Robin’s grandfather’s cottage, and also later in the year for the remake of Howard’s End on TV. A riveting car scene was shot in the park and we all drooled over the 1913 Humber which was used, and apparently horrible to drive.

We will send out our July newsletter at the beginning of next month and a reminder for FRIDAY 21st JULY when coffee, cakes, sausage tasters and well informed chat will be the order of the day.

Very best wishes

Bill and Bridget

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Hampton Estate Naturally Reared Produce May 2017

Our May beef day will be on FRIDAY 26th May and Bridget, Will, Kate and I look forward to seeing everyone for coffee, cake, tea, sausage tasters and a good old chat, and we would also like to load you up with the best beef and naturally reared produce imaginable.

Hampton Barbeque Bags are proving extremely popular at the moment and with a kilo of steak, 12 beef sausages and 8 beef burgers they really do cater for all the family in a very convenient way. Personally I will barbeque just about any cut of beef, from a slow roasted herb encrusted brisket which will also benefit from a whiff of oak chip in the fire to a searingly hot rolled sirloin which takes a fraction of the time but will still be pink and tender in the middle. Beefburgers are really handy for barbeque catering and in a Tongham bakery roll with Hampton salad and a good dollop of mayo they epitomise the English barbeque. Sausages certainly add to the melee and either Hampton Herbies or Hampton Beef Bangers hit the spot, especially with English or Dijon mustard. We really have everything for your perfect beef barbeque, and all ready for you to collect.

A more adventurous barbeque entails a haunch of Hampton wild venison or a slab of venison steaks, a drop of oil and a hot barbeque. It can also be the justification for that really special bottle of red which really does need drinking about now, and you have a guaranteed wow factor for all friends and family lucky enough to be invited. Go on, have a go.

Last month every bag of fresh liver shot off the coldstore shelves and we received rave reviews. It really was incredibly delicious fried with bacon and a shallot and you could feel the goodness. It’s ridiculously cheap and well worth exploring if you aren’t yet an aficionado. We also have oxtail and tongue, both of which make delicious dishes and these alternative cuts are bursting with flavour. I put it down to the cow’s diet of completely natural foods (grass, hay, lucerne) and an outdoor life at all times of the year.

So we have lots of beef available, in all the usual forms (10kg family bags, 4 kg convenience bags, barbeque bags) plus any mixture of joints, steaks or cuts that you can think of. Don’t forget that we will always have prime minced beef and stewing and braising steak too. Add sausages (beef or pork) and venison fillet, haunch, steaks, diced and minced, and you have the whole array of Hampton Naturally Reared Produce to select from. We await your order eagerly by email, phone, letter or carrier pigeon.

Around the farm work continues in the hop gardens where the young hops have been trained up the strings and are now launching themselves to the top of the trellis work. Hops are particularly susceptible to downy and powdery mildew at this time of year and also the hop damson aphid is expected to arrive any day to start causing hop havoc. Luckily we employ an excellent specialist agronomist to advise us on how to tackle these issues and we spend a lot of time this month inspecting the hops to get an early warning of any such gremlins.

In the new hop building work is progressing with the installation of the hop picking machine and the kilns, which we use for drying the hops. We were heartened during our recent tour of a hop farm in Tasmania to find that they use identical drying methods as our own, especially as they farm 850 acres of hops and we are now up to a heady 25 acres.

Sadly the Ride in the Park due to take place on Sunday 21st May has been postponed for 2017 however anyone wanting good physical exercise should apply immediately to The 2nd Farnham Hale Scouts who are once again staging The Woodland Woggle here at Hampton on Sunday 14th May. It is a 10k fun run and has proved extremely popular over the years with approximately 500 runners taking part last year and significant funds raised for the Scouts. The course takes in the bluebell woods and starts with a veritable sprint past the house.

Meanwhile on the filming front E. M. Forsters Howards End filmed here last weekend for a day, using a glorious vintage Humber which was filmed on the drive. As always it is astonishing just how many people it takes to film one car with two occupants, but the proof will be in the pudding when it is aired on TV in 2018 and we are all wowed.

Friday 26th May is the next day for your diary for the best Surrey beef and we all look forward to seeing you at Hampton for coffee and cake from 10.30am.

By 11.30 there will be sausage tasters and by 12.30pm the red will be open. It must be the most tempting way to shop.
Our next beef day will be on FRIDAY 21st JULY.

Very best wishes to all.

Bill and Bridget


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Hampton Estate Naturally Reared Produce Newsletter April 2017

Our wonderfully yellow daffodils are being buffeted by the spring breeze here in the park but the sunshine is winning and the grass is beginning to grow which will make the Hampton pedigree cattle even happier.

Our April beef day is on FRIDAY 28th APRIL and orders are now being taken. Orders for joints and cuts of prime beef, orders for minced and diced beef, orders for pies and sausages, orders for barbeques (beef burgers and sausage combo) and orders for mouth-watering venison.

We still have our popular 10kg and smaller 4kg beef bags available, featuring steaks, joints, mince and braising, as well as our delicious barbeque bags, holding beef burgers, steaks and sausages. All you need is some charcoal and a dust down of the Webber (make of barbeque) some good matches and a supply of delicious beer, which we can advise on too!

Our Hampton wild venison supplies are good at the moment , and infact a venison barbeque springs to mind which would be stunningly delicious and a little out of the ordinary. How about a haunch of venison, marinated overnight and popped onto a hot barbeque where charcoal is mixed with seasoned oak just to give a bit of extra flavour? It all sounds extremely promising, and add some Hampton Herby sausages or beef bangers, some whole skewered peppers drizzled with rape seed oil and the taste buds will be delighted.

My last newsletter in March anticipated the 2017 calving season and I’m delighted to report that healthy calves have been born almost every day since. Our record was six in 24 hours which coincided with the sunniest day in March and I think lulled the mums into a false sense of security. Little did they know that the next day would be driving wind and rain but by then we had cows and calves under cover enjoying some well-deserved hay and special cow cake. We expect the cows to calve outdoors in the maternity field, which is an extremely hygienic and natural environment, and 48 hours after calving we will ear tag each calf for identification, de horn them for safety, and castrate the boys, for obvious reasons. It’s a hard life! Each calf then stays with his or her mother for the rest of the summer, drinking milk and becoming accustomed to grazing. It’s all a wonderfully natural process.

At the other end of the farm the new hop gardens are really taking shape. We have such a limited time span between being able to get onto the hop gardens with machinery after the winter and the hop plants growing away too fast. This year we have had hop poles and wirework to put up, hooks to be secured to the wires, and then the usual stringing of the garden which ensures that each plant has a structure to adhere to as it grows skywards. To make sure that they grow skyward the young shoots need training or twiddling in a clockwise direction to start them on their climb and this will be done by casual labour at the end of the month or early May depending on temperature. By midsummer’s day we expect them to be at the top of the wires, 16 feet off the ground.

And talking of next month do put the ever popular Ride in the Park into your diary for SUNDAY 21st MAY, 2pm to 5pm here at Hampton with the garden open and the drives closed to all but pedal power traffic. It’s an opportunity for everyone learning to ride a bike, scooter, skateboard or roller-skates to use the private drives in safety, to enjoy the garden and an ice cream, and return to Myrtles Courtyard for a reviving cup of tea and cake. Parking is at Myrtles Courtyard and every one of every age is more than welcome. All proceeds from the day will go to the United Parish Funds.

On Bank Holiday Monday 29th May at Stoke Park in Guildford there is the Surrey County Agricultural Show, the biggest one day show in the country, full of superb livestock, horses, food and everything a good agricultural show should provide. Visit www.surreycountyshow.co.uk and see just what is on offer, book your tickets with discount on line, and enjoy a rare rural day in the middle of Guildford. Hampton Estate has long been a supporter of the show and Bridget and I plus most of the wider family will be there on the day.

Do remember to place your order for beef, sausages, and venison as soon as possible and we will have freshly brewed coffee and cake, biscuits and sausage tasters ready for on FRIDAY 28th APRIL from 10.30am.

This will be a perfect opportunity to restock after Easter.

Very best wishes

Bill and Bridget

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Hampton Naturally Reared Newsletter March 2017


Welcome to our March newsletter, to our March beef collection day on FRIDAY 24th MARCH and to the most fantastic backdrop of Hampton snowdrops which seems to be getting better and better.

We look forward to seeing lots of customers on 24th March for our fresh steaming hot coffee, home baked cakes and biscuits and a warm Hampton beef banger taster. We also love the chat and discussion that takes place and that ranges from Scottish Island hopping to Seale church flower arranging via the outlook for early chitting potatoes. And we haven’t even mentioned the Hampton grass fed, naturally reared lipsmackingly delicious beef.

Our ever popular 10kg family bags and our smaller version 4kg bags are currently available to order with a whole variety of joints, cuts, steaks and prime mince. So too are our 100% beefburgers which come in packs of four and are freshly made to order.

For those with more specific requirements please put together your own order. These vary from a kilo of prime Hampton minced beef to a rolled sirloin joint to feed 14, 8 packs of Hampton herby sausages and a kilo of stewing steak. The bovine world is your oyster when it comes to ordering. Carvery rib joints are so delicious and look fabulous. A double rib will feed four to six and it’s so well worth cracking open a bottle of the best red, (a deep Spanish always works well), and life can’t get much better.

Or order a rolled brisket, pop it into a low oven overnight with pepper and salt on the top and you will have the most delicious and cheap lunch imaginable.

Pot roasting a topside or silverside joint is very popular and having browned the meat on all sides add onion, parsnip, celeriac and a leek and tip in some red ( not the deep Spanish) and let it all bubble away for two or three hours. Lots of pepper and salt is needed and it’s hard to go wrong with this sort of cooking and the results can be spectacularly good.

We will have plenty of prime Hampton mince available, so look out your lasagne, shepherd’s pie and spaghetti bolognaise recipes as they all benefit from the best ingredients and fill up both tummies and freezers very quickly and easily.

We have some supplies of wild Hampton venison ready to order and I often think that a venison haunch really is the best meat possible. Its fat free and deliciously gamey. We also have prepared some venison steaks which cook brilliantly in or on the oven and have minced and diced venison available for your Hampton bag.

The new Hampton mugs have been ordered and the 2017 model has met with universal approval from the select band of mug testers who drank countless cups of tea and coffee in their quest for the perfect design. It still features a hop design and the new mugs will be available to buy in due course. Similarly our 2017 aprons will be a new khaki colour with the same Hampton logo on the chest and we will be ordering enough to have spare for anyone to purchase. They are a specially large size to accommodate me and have nice deep pockets which hold all manner of stuff which is extremely useful.

We have been judged Highly Commended in the Countryside Alliance Awards South East 2017 which we were delighted to learn we had been entered for. Thank you to a kind customer for putting us forward, as it gave Bridget, Will and I the chance to tell the judges a little more about the Hampton ethos and our way of doing business. Oddly we were put into the Tourism Enterprise Category but the citation reads “we received over 7,500 nominations this year and your commendation is a testament to your importance within your community’. We were in the final judging of five in this category though are still mystified by the tourism category.

On the farm we have started the hop stringing programme and thanks to everyone who responded so speedily to my call for help. I’m delighted to report that five fit and active new hop stringers are now gainfully employed in the Puttenham hop gardens which are being skilfully strung. The young hop shoots are now visible and will soon start to grow so it is vitally important to create the string trellis for the hops to grow up in the next few weeks. Do look at the webpages on our website for more hoppy information. www.hamptonestate.co.uk/hops

And by the time we reach our beef day on 24th March we hope that the first of the 2017 calves will have arrived. The first mother is due to calve on 6th March and we will then be calving until mid-May, although the bulk should all arrive by mid-April. We will leave the cows to calve by themselves, outside in a dedicated calving field although we will be checking them very regularly three or four times a day to ensure that all is going according to plan. The Sussex breed make very good mothers and very soon after calving the calf has been licked clean and has been nudged towards Mum’s teats and is drinking. It’s all wonderfully natural.

If the sun continues to shine and weekend walks are on the cards then why not drop into The Manor Farm Craft Centre in Seale for tea or coffee, cake or lunch in The Tearooms?

You will also see the recently opened Seale Natural Health Centre and they are holding an open day on March 25th  http://www.sealenaturalhealth.co.uk/events and everyone is most welcome.

Please put Friday 24th March into your diary and order your Hampton Naturally Reared produce as soon as possible. Rib joints will invariably fly off the shelves but at the moment we have good supplies of everything. We will be open from 10.30am and really look forward to seeing everyone and discussing Scottish islands, flower arranging and chitting potatoes!

Our next beef days will be on Friday 28th April and then Friday 26th May, by which time we will be selling BBQ bags.

Very best wishes

Bill and Bridget

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Hampton Estate Naturally Reared Produce Newsletter November 2016


November is blowing in hard, pumpkins and fireworks are well out of the way and all our thoughts turn to heartwarming beef stews, delicious beef casseroles, deeply satisfying beef pot roasts and wonderfully aromatic beef roasting joints.

And I’m delighted to report that pedigree Hampton Naturally Reared 28 day hung, local beef is in good supply for our next beef day on FRIDAY 2nd DECEMBER.

Minced beef, stewing steak, diced steak, skirt and shin all make fantastic stews, casseroles, lasagnes and pies, whilst brisket and short ribs cooked long and slow are jam packed full of flavour and melt in the mouth. Joints of Silverside, Top Rump and Topside can be pot roasted with a stack of root vegetables and a drop of red, or roasted traditionally in a hot oven, and steaks should be generously cut, either sirloin or rump and a hot oven or roaring winter barbeque will do them justice. What a choice!

Our 10 kg family beef bags and our 4kg smaller version are both available for ordering or simply make your order up of whatever you need and in any quantity  and send it over. Don’t forget to add some Hampton Herby sausages and a packet of Hampton Beef Bangers and you will be well stocked especially as all Hampton beef is packed fresh, labelled clearly and ready for your freezer if you have to wait. Just a thought as our next beef day will be at the end of January 2017, a full 7 weeks away.

‘No pies, no pies’ is the call from the kitchen and Im afraid that we have no meat at all to turn into our Hampton Special Beef Pies. Instead the good people of Puttenham enjoyed our 100% Beefburgers  at the Puttenham Bonfire and Fireworks at the weekend, where we supplied 550 beef burgers and 750 Hampton Herby sausages, and our cupboards are bare for pie production. But what a fantastic firework event and a mega bonfire, voted the best ever by all on the farm.

Friday 2nd December will be a very popular day as we welcome old friends back to Hampton. Paul Young of Imbibros will be showing his 2016 winter collection of fine wines and there will be a good variety to taste and buy. Paul also delivers all around our area on a weekly basis which makes ordering extremely easy and his knowledge of wine is always very impressive. He is sure to have some winners for us to taste.

Charlie Gardner of The Cold Pressed Oil Co at Crondall will be back with his delicious oils and also his 2016 hampers. I particularly like the sound of his White Truffle Hamper which contains oils and sauces and all his goods will be on sale on the 2nd. And thinking of that early present, Andrea Pinnington of The Fine Feather Press will be wowing us with her latest bird and bird song books and there will be lots of opportunity to look at all the other wonderful publications, wall charts, and posters which make us sound so knowledgeable when it comes to our local feathered friends and the natural environment.

Thinking of presents the annual Myrtles Courtyard Christmas Fair is being held the week before our beef day on Friday 25th November. There will be a wide array of stalls, both inside and out, coffee and mince pies on arrival, Bridget will be manning the catering stand and Hampton beef will be on the menu for lunch. It all starts at 10.00am and a local girls choir will be performing at 11.00am. Raffle to be drawn at 1pm and finishing time is 2pm. Entrance is just £4 and all proceeds to The United Parish funds.

Out in the fields cows and calves are about to be weaned, which makes for a noisy time as the calves suddenly realise that there is no milk on tap, and cows suddenly realise that they are free to wander without being a regular milk bar. We are also about to pregnancy diagnose all the cows to ensure that our fine bull Regent has performed over the summer and is about to be the proud father of 40! The cows are now in their winter fields and will be enjoying a diet of straw and lucerne plus the chance to savour the last shoots of grass before it stops growing over the winter.

From winter to summer and thinking back to June we were on the hunt for a new Assistant Estate Manager and having advertised the post were inundated with interest. Bridget and I are delighted to report that we have appointed Will Godwin to the team here at Hampton and he will be very much in evidence on 2nd December, serving coffee and cake, putting bags into customer’s cars and I know he is looking forward to meeting all those who are with us that day. Come and say hello.

Please come and see us on 2nd December, and if possible put your order in now to avoid disappointment. We hate it when customers can’t have exactly what they would like. Do remember that our next beef day is at the end of January (after the diet) and that you might need supplies to last you until then, and if you can come to The Christmas Fair at Myrtles Courtyard on 25th November you will be very welcome.

Very best wishes from us all.

Bill and Bridget

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Hampton Estate Naturally Reared Produce Newsletter October 2016


On FRIDAY 28th OCTOBER our doors will be open, our coffee brewed, cakes made and beef ready for picking up here at Hampton. Come over from 10.30am and tell us your autumnal news, try a Hampton Herby sausage taster and debate venison recipes. It’s all too tantalising, but please, please order in advance if you possibly can as we would much rather you left with what you really wanted rather than what was left.

Our beef sides are in our butcher’s cold room gently maturating and after four weeks of hanging the taste will be pure Hampton beef. Delicious. We have 10kg family bags ready to order or 4kg helpful bags, both of which have a variety of cuts, steaks and joints. Alternatively make up your own order and tell us what you need, for instance a kilo of steak, a roasting joint to feed six, two kilos of mince and a bone for the dog (always free).Then add in some sausages, either Hampton Herbies or our own Beef Bangers, and how about a pack of beef burgers made with 100% prime Hampton beef?

Venison supplies are looking good. We are seeing our wild roe deer throughout the estate and we have haunches, steaks, diced and minced venison ready to be ordered. It is wonderful, tasty meat that hardly requires cooking and there are a myriad of great venison recipes out there just waiting to be tried.

Hampton Herbies and Hampton Beef Bangers come in packs of six and are always popular and we always have the most delicious offal for those offal aficionados including live, heart and tongue. Go on, try some!

Our hop harvest took a little longer than usual and we bade farewell to our student hop pickers who all returned to academic rather than manual labours after an excellent tour of the Hogs Back Brewery. Hop yield was good and quality seemed pretty high, both in our own hops and the Hogs Back Brewery hops which we picked after ours as they have different later maturing varieties. Everyone enjoyed a bit of the limelight with our appearance on Countryfile and as always it’s amazing how many people get their fix of the British countryside on a Sunday evening. Here’s a link to the Hampton highlight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_giUtc1g38 and for us it’s a wonderful momento of Hampton hop picking 2016.

This summer we have been concentrating again on the Hampton woodlands which comprise the most lovely mixtures of trees from mature softwood plantations to centuries old oak and beech. Much of the woodland is accessible by foot for everyone to enjoy and the carparks we have added over the years make Lower Puttenham Common, Britty Wood and Binton Wood good walking spots. We are clear felling larch in Coach Bottom at the moment and also line thinning the Corsican Pine plantations which we planted straight after the 1987 gales to give them air and light and combat needle blight. The timber is taken to the mills in Norfolk where it is turned into fencing materials such as larch lap panels and fence stakes. Woodland management is a long term process and we will be back again to second thin these plantations in about 20 years’ time!

Don’t forget that another part of our woodland enterprise revolves around supplying dry, well-seasoned high quality logs for your fire or woodburner. We deliver a pick up load (approximately 400 logs) to your door and the price at the moment is still £110. Why not order with your beef?

Good news, you will be able to enjoy Hampton 100% Beef burgers at the Famous Puttenham Bonfire on 5th November in the village, or a Hampton Herby sausage in a bun. And talking of upcoming events Halloween will also feature on the farm this year as the pumpkin field at Binton Farm is in full production and is a real landmark from the North Downs Way. I think that they are all destined for the carving market!

Advance notice for our final beef day of the year will be on Friday 2nd December.

Please put your order in for 28th October to avoid disappointment, and Kate and Bridget will always give help and advice with recipes or queries if needed. Just ring the Hampton Meat Helpline 01483 810465 or email: sales@hamptonestate.co.uk

Best wishes


Bill and Bridget

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Hampton Estate Naturally Reared Produce Newsletter September 2016



September on the farm at Hampton is synonymous with hops and everyone is concentrating on the hop harvest at Puttenham. The aroma of our Fuggles hops is filling the air as they dry in the kilns and all fingers are crossed that our venerable hop picking machine lasts for just one more season.

The only exception to these hoppy thoughts is our forthcoming September Beef Collection Day which will be on Friday 23rd September and the magnificent beef sides are hanging in the butcher’s cold room at Rowledge as I write. Bridget and I look forward to seeing everyone for fresh coffee, cake, biscuits and prior to that your order for Hampton Beef.

How about a 10 kg bag of prime beef with all the joints, steaks, mince and stewing, or a 4kg of the same but just reduced a bit in weight and more manageable for some? Given this amazing weather a Hampton Barbeque Bag could be just the job and will give you steaks, sausages and those absolutely delicious Hampton 100% Beef burgers. Just the ticket for the Indian summer. Will it last?

We are always happy to supply any amount of any cut or joint that anyone is hankering for. Some orders are to the tune of for instance; one roasting joint, two rump steaks, a packet of Hampton Herby Sausages and a kilo of prime minced beef. Make up whatever you need and we will put it together for you, add our bunch of herbs fresh from the Hampton walled garden and have it ready for you in a Hampton bespoke bag when you come over. Shopping couldn’t be simpler.

Hampton wild venison supplies are looking quite good at the moment and for the most delicious, incredibly flavoured natural meat a haunch of venison is ideal. Easy to cook, easy to eat, and everyone is wowed by your culinary skills. Just remember to rest it for at least a quarter of an hour before carving.

Talking of calving the last calf of the season was born yesterday, and a very bonny heifer (female) calf is up on her feet and feeding well. This brings the total calves born this year to 40 and Im pleased to report successful calvings all round. Just one call to the vet a couple of months ago to help us with a breach birth which most of the family assisted with and a strong male calf emerged.

Back to the hops. This year is the last harvest using our buildings at Dukes Farm Puttenham. The hop gardens remain and we have extended them to give us a new 10 acres of Fuggles Hops, but the buildings will be demolished to make way for five beautifully designed houses. In the meantime, our new hop picking and drying building is being erected on a new site towards Seale where we will have a Bruff hop picking machine (the Rolls Royce model, although still relatively vintage) and an increased drying area with four bespoke kilns instead of our current two.

This is a really exciting development for Hampton Hops and a big investment for the farm in a traditional Surrey crop which we have high hopes for.

Come and say goodbye to the Puttenham Oast and join us for the Hampton Hop Up Pop Up on TUESDAY 20th SEPTEMBER from 6.00pm at Dukes Farm, Dark Lane, Puttenham GU3 1AY. It will be a bit of a party with local beers and Hampton 100% beefburgers on sale and a chance to hear more about our hops. Everyone is invited and Bridget and I look forward to welcoming you to this special evening. It would be really helpful if you could let us know if you are coming so that we can judge beefburger numbers! Special priority is given to all ex hop pickers from any year so do spread the word.

Why not reply when you order your beef, venison, sausages, and your own beefburgers and we will have the pleasure of your company twice in a week?

Beef Collection Day is on Friday 23rd September.

Our final two dates of 2016 are Friday’s 28th October and 2nd December.

Very best wishes from a hoppy Hampton.

Bill and Bridget

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Hampton Estate Naturally Reared Produce Newsletter August 2016


Although it’s the holiday season it’s also the barbeque season, the cold beef on a platter season, the lasagne for all the family season and now and again the wow, let’s have a proper roast season. To cater for all these seasons you will need some majestic, succulent, flavoursome and well hung beef and the next Hampton beef collection day is on FRIDAY 19th AUGUST.

Orders are now being taken for;

  1. Our very popular barbeque bags which hold 1kg of steak, 12 beef bangers and 8 of our 100% beef burgers.
  2. Our really helpful 4kg beef bags featuring steak, a roasting joint and a variety of minced beef, stewing and braising steak
  3. Our 10kg Hampton family bags with the same ingredients but in bigger quantities
  4. Hampton Herby Sausages (pork) or Hampton Beef Bangers (beef).Six to a pack.
  5. Your own made up order no matter how big or small. Think of your favourite joint or steak and just order it. If you simply need a kilo of mince just order it.
  6. Hampton 100% beef burgers. Delicious, easy and a winner at every barbeque. Four to a pack.
  7. Hampton wild venison. Barbequing a haunch of venison is the height of decadence but so well worth it. Alternatively we have venison fillet, steaks, diced and mince. If you have never tried Hampton venison then now is the time. You won’t be disappointed
  8. Hampton Healthy offal. Kidney, liver, heart, oxtail and even tongue is all available and completely delicious. The liver melts in the frying pan, and a slow baked oxtail just oozes flavour.

As always there will be freshly brewed coffee, biscuits and cake when you come to pick up, or a glass of red or white at lunch time and a sausage taster to help you through the day.

Busy, busy on the farm over the past four weeks. We have made all the hay we need for the cows for the winter and each bale has been stacked in the Dutch barn. We have just finished bringing in the barley straw, again for the cows for the winter and the great sunshine has meant that it is wonderfully dry and will be very popular in the bovine world. Again, this has been stacked in the Dutch barn. Adjacent to the barn is our stack of plastic wrapped Lucerne bales also for winter feed, and our larder is now full. Excellent news, especially if you are a Hampton cow.

In the hop gardens the crop is maturing and mini hops are developing as you can see in the photo at the top of the page. In hop speak this is called ‘burr.’ This develops into proper fruit (the hop) over the next four weeks and we will start harvesting the crop at the end of August. Hopefully by the 20th of September all our hops will be picked and dried, and also those belonging to the Hogs Back Brewery which we will bring over to our oast in Puttenham from Tongham.

And in order to do this we will need one or two more students to join the home student team. If you know of any students keen for a job from 7.00am Tuesday 30th August until mid-September who are motivated and keen to get involved please let me know as soon as possible. We offer good rates of pay and the opportunity to join a team for some honest farm work. We will of course be selling decorative hop bines from the hop garden during the picking season. These are brilliant 365 day dry flower arrangements and look great in kitchens, barns, conservatories and wedding marquees. Do ring the estate office on 01483 810465 or email: billbiddell@hamptonestate.co.uk

Don’t forget to put your beef order in as well.

Lots of events have taken place at Hampton this summer, ranging from a party for The Queen’s 90th Birthday, to an estate day for 200 schoolchildren who all learnt about farming, butchery, bees, woodlands and gundog training. Sadly the annual estate cricket match did not take place however there is to be a very special fundraising cricket match at Shackleford on Thursday 25th August when Shackleford will be taking on an international all-stars team called Lashings All Stars. This is a fundraising event for the new Shackleford Pavilion and details are available from: david.hockley07@btinternet.com  who is keen to hear from anyone who can support this event.

Bridget and I really look forward to seeing everyone who is picking up beef on FRIDAY 19th AUGUST and together with Kate in the office we are always happy to advise on specific joints, cuts, or recipes. Just call or email for more info.

Very best for the holidays and some inspired cooking.

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Hampton Newsletter June 2016


Our next collection day for all delicious Naturally Reared produce from Hampton is Friday 24th June. I inspected the beef carcass at our butchers where it is hanging for four weeks and the meat looks terrific. It is beautifully marbled with a healthy covering of fat and a rich dark red colour which will provide everyone with the most mouth watering beef available.

The reason we insist on hanging is so that the muscles can stretch. This allows the enzymes to break down the muscle fibres which tenderises the beef. The water content also evaporates from the meat meaning we’re left with dry dark claret meat. The flavour of the bone is allowed to fully develop into the meat and this means you have a much deeper flavoured beef, without the high water content of cheaper meat. It all sounds a bit technical but the result is worth it every time.

And this delicious meat is available in whatever amount you wish to buy. Come and pick up a pack of mince and a roasting joint, or head our way for just two steaks. We can make up any order which you would like so long as we are not sold out of that particular joint or cut. And with your order comes not only a hessian Hampton bag and a bunch of fresh herbs from the walled garden but also fresh coffee, tea and cake. What a way to shop!

We are really delighted that Charlie from The Cold Pressed Oil Company will be joining us again this month selling their delicious local rapeseed oil, with a multitude of infusions .I know that many of our customers have like us,  become devotees of their oil so remember to come and collect with your cheque book.

A new idea which we found extremely popular last month is our 4kg beef bag. This holds 2 rump steaks, a roasting joint of 1.5kgs, 1kg of prime minced beef, and a kilo of braising and stewing beef. This covers all the bases and doesn’t have quite the bulk of our 10kg family bags, which are also available every month as usual.

And also in the ordering department there is the very handy Hampton Barbeque Bag, which has 4 steaks, 12 beef sausages and 8 of our 100% beef burgers. Just get that charcoal lit and the beers in.

To summarise, order as little or as much as you need. We also offer 10kg or 4kg mixed bags and during the summer a barbeque bag. Simple really!

Click here office@hamptonestate.co.uk and reserve your beef for FRIDAY 24th JUNE and we will have your bag ready and waiting.

It’s always great to see our customers and have a chat and last month we were delighted to be serenaded by the mums with prams. What the collective noun for prams is I’m not sure but the picture above shows how sensible Hampton beef customers are bringing up their children by feeding them only the best ingredients! After a biscuit and a cup of coffee they all headed round the garden and then picked up their beef for the month. Welcome to our latest recruits.

Our new bull Petworth Regent has just been put in with the cows and we hope will cope with his new field mates. They all have a good amount of very tasty grass in the park, and in fact grass throughout the estate is growing well. Our hay fields look promising for the end of June haymaking season and I hope that the Lucerne will be cut in the next 10 days which will make our first silage of the year. Each round bale will be wrapped in black plastic which will ensile, or pickle the Lucerne making it delicious feed for the cows in the winter.

Thanks to all who joined in the Woodland Woggle 10k run around the estate in early May and to those who joined in The Ride in the Park a week later. Both events went really well and significant funds for the United Parish Churches and the Scouts were raised as a result.

This month we host our annual schools day and we expect around 200 children for a day to experience different Hampton enterprises, from forestry and fencing to cow and calf rearing. At Myrtles Courtyard on Saturday 11th June we celebrate Her Majesty the Queen’s 90th birthday with a Royal Barn Dance. There are tickets still available and the evening includes a Royal Hampton Beef Curry.

Please order your beef as soon as you can, and Bridget, Kate and I look forward to seeing everyone on FRIDAY 24th JUNE. Our next beef day will not be until Friday 19th August so another good reason to stock up.

Coffee, cakes, tea and all good things available from 10.30am on the 24th.

Best wishes

Bill and Bridget

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Hampton Newsletter May 2016


The early barbeque season is upon us and Hampton beef is available and ready for you to order at our next collection day on FRIDAY 27th MAY. We have lots of steak, sausages and our wonderful 100%beefburgers but why not branch out and barbeque a rib? Or why not set the barbeque a bit lower and slow roast a silverside, baste it loads as you savour a Hogs Back Beer and add a little oak or cherry to the charcoal to give a delicate smoke? Or have a complete change and barbeque some Hampton Wild Venison steaks which will be mouth-wateringly good and provide a great talking point for the barbeque chef. Barbequing is fun and right on point. Don’t miss out. Alternatively our well established Hampton BBQ bag holds four good sized steaks, 8 beef burgers and twelve beef sausages and still costs just £50.

As always our traditional Hampton Family Bags are available holding 10kgs of prime Hampton beef including steak, roasts, mince and stewing or braising steak. Everything you need for any recipe imaginable (which includes beef).

Following feed back from customers we are delighted to introduce new this month a very handy 4kg Hampton Convenient beef bag. This holds 2 rump steaks, a 1.5kg family roasting joint, 1kg of prime minced beef, 0.5kg of best stewing steak and 0.5 kg of juicy braising steak. All this for £60 and packaged as usual in a convenient Hampton hessian bag.

And if that sounds like a bit too much then we make up any order you wish. For instance, a topside joint, two kilos of braising steak and a packet of sausages is just as good and will be ready and waiting for you.

Venison is definitely available this month and we have a good supply of haunches at present. This is fabulous meat and we also have diced and minced venison which make the best casseroles and bolognaises.

And for those adventurous chefs who push the barriers there is excellent and very tasty liver, heart, kidney and even tongue. All well worth an experiment if you’ve never tried them before.

Come and see us on FRIDAY 27th MAY for a big cup of coffee or tea, some of Bridget’s freshly baked cakes and biscuits and pick up your beef accompanied as always with fresh herbs from the Hampton walled garden. But do put your order in to avoid disappointment and email Kate at office@hamptonestate.co.uk and CLICK NOW to get things going.

The new hop gardens at Puttenham are really taking shape and the first half of the field is nearing completion. There is only one man in the country who puts up new hop gardens and very luckily he has been working with us over the winter. The oak anchor blocks were sunk in the ground last October and the basic posts and wire put in place. In November we planted the new hop plants and in April the contractors returned to continue construction. This year we will not be harvesting the new hops but they need to have strings to be trained to or canes in the other section and these are now largely in place.

The cows are enjoying their new fresh spring grass either in the park, on the slopes of the Hogs Back or in the water meadows by the River Wey. The calves are growing well and love the sun on their backs, and the exceptional grass quality at this time of year means that the mothers have good supplies of high quality milk.

The annual Ride in the Park takes place here at Hampton on Sunday 22nd May. The garden is open, the drives are for bikes and pedal power only and there will be a wonderful tea at Myrtles Courtyard. Do come. The Loseley Ice Cream van will also be making a guest appearance.

Please put Friday 27th May in your diary and Bridget and I look forward to seeing everyone coming for beef and all things Naturally Reared. Coffee and cake from 10.30am onwards.

Our next beef day will be on Friday 24th June.

Very best wishes,

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